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Brilliant cut diamond wedding ring example image Brilliant cut rings Princess cut diamond wedding ring example image Princess cut rings Fancy cut diamond wedding ring example image Fancy cut rings A shaped diamond set wedding ring example image Shaped rings

Wedding rings set with round stones

Wedding rings set with square stones

Wedding rings set with emerald, marquise, pear, & baguette cut diamonds

Shaped wedding rings shaped to fit engagement rings

multi-metal diamond set wedding ring example image Multi-metal channel set diamond wedding ring example image Channel set diamond wedding ring from a pair example image Diamond rings from a set men's wedding ring with diamonds example image Men's rings with diamonds

Wedding rings made different colored metals

Rings with stones set in a channel around the ring

Diamond wedding rings from pairs of rings in a set

Men's wedding rings set with diamonds to produce great looking designs

Diamond Set Wedding Rings

Here you will find hundreds of diamond wedding rings at amazing prices. We can create any ring in any metal, including platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, palladium, silver and titanium. Our beautiful diamond wedding rings are designed with care and handcrafted to perfection. Unlike bulk manufacturing, our diamond wedding rings collection is made using traditional methods that have stood the test of time.

Stunning metals and the perfect cut

Browse our extensive collection of diamond wedding rings and you will find a wide selection of striking metals. If you would like to understand more about the differences between the metals, take a look at our metal information pages before choosing your perfect diamond wedding ring.

Within our exquisite designs, you will see a selection of different cuts of diamond wedding rings. These include brilliant cut diamonds (round), princess cut diamonds (square) and fancy cut diamonds. "Fancy cut" is a term used to describe emerald cut (rectangle with the corners missing), marquise cut, baguette cut (rectangle), heart shaped diamonds and anything else out of the ordinary.

A lot of engagement rings are unusual shapes with stones extending beyond the width of the ring itself. This can sometimes mean that the ring will not sit comfortably next to standard or diamond wedding rings. We have a large selection of shaped wedding rings that have been designed specifically to sit perfectly next to any shape of engagement ring. These specially shaped wedding rings include diamond set shaped rings.

Diamond wedding rings, beautifully bespoke

Whether you have found your ideal ring in our online collection, or you want something a little more unique, our experts can help. If you can’t find the exact design that you have in mind, why not phone and ask us? You can design your own ring using our bespoke ring service. We have vast experience in delivering orders for customers who have designed their own rings or just made alterations to designs we already have.

We put every care into our diamond wedding rings collection: taking a simple concept to the jeweller’s workbench and seeing it through to the final polish. If you are looking for stunning diamond wedding rings, start browsing online today.

Diamond set special offers

Huge discounts of stock items including brilliant and princess cut diamond rings

Buying a diamond wedding ring

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