Our Custom Made Jewelry Services

What are custom made items

Custom made, or 'bespoke' items, are jewelry pieces we make specifically to your design requests..

What our services include

Custom ring being worked on in the Kodega workshop
Custom ring being worked on in
the Kodega workshop

Our custom made design services fall into three main categories;

  • designed from scratch

  • custom shaped bands to fit your engagement ring

  • small alterations and design tweaks

Designed from Scratch

This is the full custom design service. We can make almost any engagement ring, wedding ring or other related item of jewelry that you cannot find on our website. We can work with drawings, images or just your ideas and, depending on the nature of the item, have different techniques to ensure that you get what you are looking for. There are very few items we are technically unable to make, although occasionally the cost of creating these may be more than you might like. However, a no obligation quote will always be provided at no charge so please feel free to send your images and ask your questions.

Because we operate over the internet and largely rely on email and phone communication, we will maintain regular contact to ensure that you are happy with the decisions we make together along the way.

"A computer generated
rendering of a custom ring"

Depending on the style of ring or item you choose, there will be different ways to make your item. We will of course make sure that you are always aware of all the options as well as their implications.

How it works: Let's say you would like a ring design that you cannot find on sale anywhere. We will ask you to find an image of the closes matching ring on our website or elsewhere on the web to give us a rough idea of what you are looking for. We will send that image off to the design department which will create a computer image similar to that shown in the picture alongside this text. We then start making changes to the design based on what you tell us. Every time the design is changed, we will send you 3 or 4 images for approval. Once you have approved the final version, a wax model will be made from the design. This wax model is then used to create a mould into which your ring will be cast. It's as simple as that!

Images of the various stages through to completion,
(the blue ring is the 3D printed wax model)

How long does it take: This will depend on the time required to get the design right and approved by you, how quick you are on replying to emails as well as how busy our design workshop is at the time. We then take twenty working days from final design approval to delivery.

How much does it cost: Once we have an outline of the design we can supply you with a cost estimate. Cost is largely dependent on the materials used such as the size and quality of the diamond or diamonds and the approximate metal weight, which is what happens on our website for standard rings when you shop. It will not be much more expensive than a similar standard ring. We are confident that you will be very pleasantly surprised and that you will have a unique one-of-a-kind ring!

To view the trilogy engagement ring featured on this page please click here.

Shaped to fit

This service can shape almost any wedding ring on our website to fit against your engagement ring. It can be applied to nearly all ring styles so you are not limited to the rings in the Shaped Wedding Rings section.

In order to be able to match the two rings - and this is the hardest part - we need you to send us your engagement ring at some point.

Shaped wedding ring
A ring shaped to precisely fit
the engagement ring

How it works: You begin by contacting us via email or phone to tell us what you are looking for. We will then be able to tell you if what you have in mind is possible and how to place the order for your wedding ring. Once we have your wedding ring ready we will contact you and ask you to send us your engagement ring. The rings will then be matched together in our workshop by reshaping the wedding ring. We will usually give your engagement ring a good polish as well.

How long does it take: This depends on how long it takes to get the wedding ring and how complicated the fitting job is. Generally the total service should not take longer than 3 weeks. We will give you an estimated completion date when you place the order.

How much does it cost: We charge a flat rate of $145 for this custom/bespoke service. However, if you order a ring from our Shaped Wedding Rings section, the cost for fitting it next to your engagement ring will be less, so please contact us for a quote. This additional charge will be payable before any custom work is done and can be taken over the phone.

Small alterations

This service includes minor alterations such as adding or removing a few diamonds, changing percentages of material on multi-color items or cut-outs.

Additional diamonds being set into a ring at the request of a customer
Additional diamonds being set into a
ring at the request of a customer

How does it work: You contact us via email or phone to discuss what you are looking for. We will then tell you whether or not the alteration is possible and provide you with a cost estimate. Depending on the nature of the alterations this preliminary step typically takes a few days as we might have to contact different workshops and suppliers. We will then also provide you with clear instructions on how to order as well as the time estimate for the work to be completed.

How long does it take: Alterations are typically completed within 2 to 3 weeks. If urgent, we can usually complete the work within a week, subject to an additional "express" charge.

How much does it cost: Charges depend very much on the nature of what is required. For example extra diamonds of around 0.03ct cost around $45.00 including the cost of setting. A small alteration like a cut-out or an extra groove costs roughly around $45.00 to $75.00.

Important Note

Please understand that we cannot include custom made/bespoke items in our standard returns policy as such items are not resalable by us. If you would like to return your bespoke item, we might be able to make you an offer for the ring based on what we think we can recover by adding it to our sales section or on the value of the raw materials. Each decision will be made on a case by case basis. However, we do everything possible in order to avoid this situation, we will do our very best to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your order.

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