Wedding rings and mens titanium rings

Engraving a message or date inside a ring starts at $30 per ring depending on the font for up to 25 characters (spaces) and is written in 'script', 'roman numerals', or 'ancient runes' font. In cases where the finger size is very small and/or there are diamonds set there will naturally be less than 25 character spaces available. We can also engrave the outside of a ring starting at $45. Please see the table below for engraving costs.


Ancient Runes inside & out $115
Ancient Runes inside $60
Ancient Runes outside $60
Roman Numerals inside $30
Roman Numerals outside $45
Script inside $30
Script outside $45

Engagement Rings

Engraving engagement rings tends to be more complicated than engraving a wedding ring. There is often less space to work with. The engraving normally has to be spaced between the diamond and the hallmark. For this reason we charge starting at $45 to engrave engagement rings.

Style of engraving

We offer three different fonts on each product page. You can select a 'Script', 'Roman Numerals', or our popular new 'Ancient Runes' font. We do have a large number of other fonts available upon request. If you are looking for something specific, please send us an email and we should be able to accommodate your request.

Please note

Rings engraved with runes are included in the 30 day returns policy, however because the runic engraving process irreversibly alters the rings

    a) we do not refund the cost of the engraving and

    b) we deduct another $30 to remove the engraving


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