Dome-shaped profile
Flat on the inside and rounded on the outside
Traditional comfort-fit
The comfort-fit profile is curved both inside and out
Flat profile
Flat on the inside and outside with flat sides
Flat-comfort fit profile
Flat on the outside with a curved inside for comfort
Curved and rounded edges for extra comfort
Halo profile
A cylindrical profile the whole way around
Flat-sided comfort-fit
Similar to a comfort-fit with flatter edges
Concave profile
Curved on the inside with groove extending around it

Plain Wedding Rings

Plain wedding rings share a classic design whose popularity will never fade. The classic simplicity of the plain wedding band is what most people think of and recognize as a wedding ring. Going with the classic option doesn't mean a shortage of choice - quite the opposite! You can choose from hundreds of combinations of profiles, widths, depths and metals; and can customize the designs with a range of special finishes. You can also create a unique and personal message from our Script, Roman, or Ancient Runes fonts to have a unique wedding band with engraving to last you a lifetime.

Plain wedding bands in our collection include the following profiles (shapes): domed, traditional court (comfort fit), flat, flat-court, double-comfort, halo, flat-sided court, and concave profiles.

Once you've chosen your preferred profile, you'll see a wide range of depths and widths. Once you select the one you want, and entered the finger size, a price will appear on the page. At this stage you can also choose from platinum, palladium, silver, white gold, yellow gold, titanium or zirconium for your wedding ring.

As if this amount of choice was not enough, we can apply special finishes to most metals to give your plain wedding ring a unique and distinctive look - who says plain has to be boring! We can apply special finishes to your wedding ring, with a hammered, fine matte, coarse matte, stardust or sandblast effect. Learn more about our various profiles, metals and everything else in our Buyer's Guide.

If you can't find your perfect wedding ring on our website, contact us and describe what you want - odds are we can make your perfect bespoke wedding ring!

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