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Examples of wedding rings in different
styles and metals
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When considering which metal or alloy you wish to make up your ring you often consider the following characteristics: Value, hardness, color, weight/density, resilience.

Value: More precious metals such as platinum will be of a higher value than a more common metal such as gold or silver.

Hardness: Metals such as Gold are generally softer than metal like titanium, making them more prone to scratching and damage if not cared for properly.

Vickers Hardness Test is the standard method for measuring the hardness of metals. The surface is subjected to a standard pressure for a standard length of time using a pyramid shaped diamond. The resulting indention is viewed under a microscope and the Vickers Hardness value read from a conversion table.

Color: Some metals have a darker overall color, for instance if you compare titanium and silver you will notice a vast difference.

Weight/ Density: A more dense metal will feel heavier on your hand than those with less density.

Resilience: Scratch resistant alloys like zirconium will be more suitable if you work in an environment that may cause damage to your rings.

We offer a vast range of different metals, to write about the characteristics of each one would result in a time consuming read, therefore we have provided you with a table that lists and compares the main characteristics of each metal. If you do have any specific queries regarding an alloy please don't hesitate to contact us.

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