Sample Service

'Try before you buy' and our Ring Samples services are here to help you choose the ideal ring for your big day.

As a web-based company, we understand that you might want to see your wedding band or engagement ring before you commit to buying it. Our 'try before you buy' service enables you to try on a selection at your leisure, and choose the ideal ring for you. No commissioned salesmen breathing down your neck using high pressure selling to get you to buy right NOW!  You might want to see a range of shapes and weights, or check the detailing on the engagement ring mount - if so, then this is the service for you.

How does it work? Wedding bands

Sample rings sent to you
to try on at your convenience

We will send you an un-hallmarked silver replica of each ring, in the size and shape you request. If we for some reason do not have the exact wedding band you have asked for in stock, we will substitute it for something similar, while always ensuring that you get sufficient selection to make your decision. Please also be aware that we do not stock samples in special finishes, or of diamond-set wedding bands. Click here to browse our range of wedding rings.

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How does it work? - Engagement rings

Samples of engagement rings will be replicas with a cubic zirconia in place of the diamond, to give you an idea of the detailing on the mount and of how the overall ring will look. We offer samples of most of the engagement rings we sell while others can be made to order but this may take up to 4 weeks. Click here to browse our range of engagement rings.

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How do I order a sample ring?

Simply browse the website and select the ring you want, as if you were choosing the real thing. Then, instead of selecting 'purchase', choose 'order sample' instead. You can choose up to 10 wedding ring samples, at a cost of $3.00 per ring, plus $15 fee to cover FedEx Shipping both ways. Engagement rings will cost $8 per ring, plus the $15 shipping as above.

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How long will my samples take to arrive?

The samples usually take five working days to be delivered to you, to a maximum of two weeks at busy times of year. They will be sent with a pre-paid return shipping envelope for you to send them back to us, and we ask that you do this within two weeks. If it is going to be a problem for you to return the rings after two weeks please give us a call to let us know. We know people often need time to make the right decision for this ever so important day in their lives.

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How do I return the samples?

Simply package the samples in the pre-paid return shipping envelope and take this to your nearest FedEx drop off box. They will ship the package to us, and give you a tracking number - please keep hold of this just in case the parcel does not reach us.

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Terms and conditions

We expect all sample rings to be returned within two weeks, unless otherwise agreed. If we do not receive them, or a corresponding shipment tracking number, within this timescale, we will invoice you for the full value of the ring(s).

If we do not have the exact sample you have requested in stock, we will substitute this for a similar ring. We will always try to give you ample selection to make your decision, and always send as many rings as have been paid for.

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