The Buyer's Guide

Some say too much choice is a bad thing. At Kodega we prefer to follow "the more the merrier" philosophy, that's why we offer such a vast range of different rings for different occasions. However, its easy to get confused with so many options so we have put together a "Buyer's Guide" to help you make sense of it all.

Its a simple to use step-by-step process and helps educate you on all the options before you commit to buy, ensuring you get maximum use out of our site.

Step 1: Which Product... A silly but important question. Are you getting engaged or married? Looking for an anniversary present or some gifts or jewelry accessories? This step lets you know what we offer and for which occasions they are suitable. Choosing your wedding ring

Step 2: Diamonds... Diamond education. Know anything about the four C's? Understanding cut, clarity, color and carat. This will help you on your way to deciding which diamond is best for you. Adding diamonds to your wedding ring

Step 3: Metals / alloys... We offer a staggering choice of 17 different metals. Learn the differences between them and watch us put some tough alloys to the test... Choosing the metal for your wedding ring

Step 4: Profile... What is a shaped wedding ring? What's the difference between a "D-shape" and "double comfort", soon everything will make sense... Choosing a profile/shape for your wedding ring

Step 5: Size... What's her ring size? A major helping hand for the clueless - understand ring sizes and order a free ring gauge. Choosing the right size

Step 6: Customization... Hammered or polished? Plain or Engraved? Find out about customization.... Customizing your wedding ring

Step 7: How to use this site... Now that you're educated on diamonds, metals and finishes its time to buy. Find out how our site works for your ease of use. How to use this site to find your perfect wedding ring

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