Tungsten carbide rings
The hardest of all the metals these rings will last a lifetime
Platinum and titanium rings
Combining the beauty of Platinum and durability of Titanium
Titanium rings
These rings have a huge variety of finishes on this very hard-wearing metal
Titanium rings with inlays
The standard titanium rings are inlayed with gold and silver to produce a stunning finish
Black zirconium rings
When Zirconium is heat treated, it forms a very hard, protective layer, known as Black Zirconium
Colored zirconium rings
When a Zirconium ring is anodized, colour can be added within the inlay / grove of the design
Polished titanium alloy rings
High grade titanium alloy available in 8 profiles, 8 widths and 3 depths

Titanium, Tungsten & Zirconium

This section features our Titanium, Tungsten Carbide, Zirconium, and Steel wedding rings for those who want a ring made of the hardest metal alloys. These rings are ideal for people who do frequent physical work, are exposed to chemicals regularly like swimmers, or just want a ring that they don't have to worry about it scratching, denting, or corroding easily.

Tungsten Carbide Rings are relatively heavy compared to Platinum and highly scratch and dent resistant. Titanium on the other hand is much lighter and can be polished to a very high mirror finish. Titanium is growing in popularity because it doesn't tarnish at room temperature and is hypo-allergenic - even used in surgical implants. Learn more about Titanium here.

Our heat treated Black Zirconium Rings are similar in nature to Titanium and used in space shuttles due to its heat resistance. Want a ring with a little more flair? Choose from our Colorful Anodized Zirconium Rings and stand out from the crowd! For the latest in contemporary ring alloy designs, see our Platinum & Titanium combination rings or our High Grade Steel Rings Collection.

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